iPad Repair

Repair your iPad 2, 3, 4, Retina, Air, Mini...

Our technicians come to your home or workplace to  recover your iPad  : several types of repairs are available: changing the touch screen, Home button, Power, etc.

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The iPad, an essential in your daily life

The iPad is this gadget that allows us at any time to browse the web, receive emails, watch movies, watch video games, download, read digital books… essential in everyday life, it is very important to choose the model that suits you the most. In this sense, you have a wide choice. And it all depends on you, your tastes, your use and your budget.

The different existing models

The iPad continues to evolve to meet all our needs. Today, there is a wide choice of iPad models. Thus, you can easily make the choice according to your needs. We therefore distinguish:

Where to turn to repair your iPad?

Regardless of the model of iPad you have chosen, you can contact an iPad repairer at any time to change the touch screen, replace the home button or change the iPad LCD. The iPad repairer in the Pays des Gex will be able to repair your iPad, depending on the problem that arises. Depending on your availability and your time, the repairer can pick up your iPad at your home or from your office.

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